Welcome to the Egyptian Cotton Collection

Here at Egyptian Cotton Collection we have made it easy for you to buy your 100% Egyptian cotton sheets, bed in a bag, high quality bedding sets, luxury cotton towels, and super soft bath robes online.

All our products are delivered free to your home or office anywhere in the continental United States.

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Top quality bedding can be a bit confusing with all the different thread counts, so we have organized our products in thread count order to make it easy for you to save your marriage.
The thread count determines the level of quality in high quality fabric as it is measured by the number of threads in the width and the length of one square inch. General cotton can be as little as 150 thread count while our Egyptian cotton sheets, bedding sets and duvets range from 300 – 1500 thread count.
These world class luxury sheets, bed linens and bathroom products normally found in the finest hotels can now be part of your lifestyle from as little as $31.99. Make sure you check out our super snug bath robes, wide range of towels and bathroom accessories as these also make great gifts for any occasion.
It is thanks to the richness of the soil in the Delta Nile and the moderate all year round temperatures that these cotton plantations grow the finest cotton in the world. Our 100% Egyptian cotton sheets and bed linens are the ultimate in luxury bedding as we only use the highest quality of extra long durable yarns. The farmers take a great deal of pride in their techniques and production of this fine cotton just as their ancestors did before them. This world renowned material has become part of Egypt’s rich heritage and culture, so much so, that the department of agriculture has set very strict quality guidelines to ensure the standards stay at the highest level. These special Egyptian cotton products continue to play a huge part in the Egyptian economy.
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